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PHIL - our Digital Philantropist

Perfect for an ‘online only’ activity or in addition to an in-person charity event! How can you stay in touch with your donors, find new supporters and generate funds for your charity?

Meet PHIL, the answer to those questions and more.

PHIL is our proven Online Platform where donors and friends of your organisation can participate in a digital Silent Auction whilst also making donations to support your causes.

Reach out to an enormous number of people through this new, innovative format.

With target-oriented communications you can reach so many more sponsors than you ever could when hosting an in-person event.

PHIL also helps you greatly raise awareness for your charity.


Silent Auctions &
Online donations

PHIL works easily:

Quick and simple registration process

Secure transactions

Sustainable and engaging

Advantages of running an online activity with PHIL

Broad Reach

Enables you to reach people anywhere. Reach out to more supporters and potential new donors than you ever could by only running an in-person event.

Maximizing Donations

PHIL is a supremely designed digital silent auction tool that raises funds and also encourages participants to donate to your worthy causes.

Less Work

Running an online activity with PHIL is much less labor-intensive than running an in-person event.

Sustainable Donor-Relationships

Stay in touch with your supporters, find excite and interest new donors, with unique and exciting items from the Silent Auction.

Modern Alternative

Meet your supporters where they are located right now – on the world wide web. Reduced consumer spending has resulted in extra budget available for charitable giving and other investments.

Safety Net

Should you plan to run an in-person event that needs to be cancelled last minute, you have a reliable backup plan.

No Risk

By making use of PHIL you are not taking on any financial risk. We will make sure that all monies are collected swiftly.

By making use of PHIL you can now reach out to your supporters, raise funds for your causes and learn more about your donors. Feel free to talk to us about a short presentation.

How does it work

You invite all your donors and friends to your online activity that will run for 7 days. Everyone enters the platform through your website and can take part in the silent auction or make a donation – or do both.

We will set up your tailor made online platform for you.

Registration process is quick and easy.

Items for the Silent Auction can be provided by us or by the charity.

Some people might also wish to bid or donate via phone or email which we support as well.

After the time has run out, we take care of all the payments and make sure the funds hit your account within only a few days.

We highly recommend for you to invite your top donors personally, by phone, by invitation card or similar as well as via email.

Trust in our expertise with many years of fundraising for charities all over the planet.
Hand in hand we will work together with you to develop a strategy for you to reach your goals, be it generating more attention for your charity, securing larger donations or longer term financial support.


As many as you like.

In our experience, items that generate the most funds are, amongst others:
Luxury travel packages, Michelin star dining experiences or with celebrity chefs,
meet & greets with celebrities or sports stars,
tailor made clothing, jewelry, money-can’t-buy-items & art.

Items that we provide can be sent by us to the highest bidder. However, we strongly recommend
that charities deliver any items in person in order to establish a relationship with your donors. This will highly affect your long-term fundraising success.

We can take care of payments and donations and contact all highest bidders and donors.
Spender erhalten idealer Weise einen Überweisungslink, den Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen. Zusätzlich senden wir die notwendigen Informationen über Ihr
Spendenkonto per E-Mail zu.

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