Power Donation

How does it work?

We register all guests during the reception. To take part in the Power Donation, guests use their own mobile phones.

After the main course, your MC announces a short film that presents your fundraising project.

Following this, he calls for people to work together on this project on the spot. Afterwards he calls upon everybody to participate and make this dream come true. Our ‘Donation Donometer’ appears on the big screen. All guests can now easily send the amount they wish to give via SMS with their mobile phone. Seconds later, names of donors and donation amounts appear on the screen. Donations can of course be placed anonymously as well.

The MC personally thanks the donors whilst more and more names and amounts come up on screen every second. This creates a very special team spirit: ‘Together we can do it!’

Our experience has shown that many guests donate multiple times. Finally, our fundraising team discreetly collects the signatures of all donors. .

We are happy to support you in collecting payments as well.

Your fundraising project

Your task is to choose a fundraising project . Please always remember: Donors give primarily for the SOLUTION of a problem! Show them what possibilities and opportunities arise from their donations. How important is their support? Why will it feel so incredibly good to be a part of your vision and become part of the donation family.

The donation amount highly depends on the setting and how the person is invited to donate. Our professional approach and joyful donation tools support you in collecting the necessary funds for your donation project.

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