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“Looking for alternative event options, I had a conversation with Sabrina Behm in August 2020. In 2019 we carried out two silent auctions on our own as part of live events and had also planned this for an event in 2020.
The Corona situation has changed everything and also put a stop to many of our plans. Sabrina Behm advised us to hold a silent auction online and we were immediately impressed. We went into the detailed planning very quickly and had an ambitious time frame of only 8 weeks.

After a short time, it became clear to us that not only we wanted to hold this auction as Jane Goodall Institute – Austria, but that 6 more European Jane Goodall Institutes would also like to take part. We soon became aware of the complexity of this project. Sabrina Behm and her team reacted immediately and within a few days they set up an English version parallel to the German version.
The critical phase – the last two weeks before the start of the auction – was very labor-intensive, but thanks to the support from Sabrina and her team, everything was completed on time. The cooperation was based on trust, transparency, professionalism and not to forget, a lot of fun.

The more than positive feedback from our donors encourages us to plan silent auctions for the next few years and we look forward to working with Ms. Behm again.”

Doris Schreyvogel

CEO Jane Goodall Institut – Austria

„We actually wanted to hold a charity concert for our new social project “The Breakfast Car” in December 2020. That had to be canceled due to Corona. How good that we created an alternative early on with the “silent auction online”. With the great support of Sabrina Behm, we have achieved three goals all together with this online auction: Acquiring new donors, increasing awareness and generating income for “The Breakfast Car”. A great success at the end of a very special year.

We would like to thank Sabrina Behm and her dedicated team as well as all donors and auction participants for their great support.

The online campaign turned out to be an extremely successful “advertising tool”, so that, among other things, entrepreneurs and new major donors became aware of us beyond Cologne’s city borders. We had very constructive conversations afterwards and received generous and unexpected donations. The implementation of the online campaign with Ms. Behm’s team was a recommended and successful fundraising method for us.“

Daniel Könen

Press & Communications, Katholische Jugendagentur Köln gGmbH

„We are extremely happy about the successful fund-raiser at a private charity dinner in January 2020. The total amount of donations has far exceeded our expectations. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all to the donors and the initiator of the evening for his extraordinary support. I would also like to express my special thanks to Sabrina Behm for the professional handling.

Sabrina Behm and her team made sure in a very special way to create a pleasant atmosphere in which all guests felt comfortable and therefore thankfully made very generous donations. The follow-up was extremely reliable and smooth. We would be happy
to work with Sabrina Behm again at any time for our next charity events.“

Prof. Dr. Ulrich-W. Thomale Inéz Adam & Tina Fix,

Head of Children's Neurosurgery, Stabsstelle Fundraising & Alumni, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

„Due to the corona pandemic, the Hospiz Luise had to rethink its actions. Upon recommendation, we gave our event into the hands of Sabrina Behm and her team, which was planned as an in- person event. Our expectations were exceeded by far and participants and we were thrilled with the result.

The platform for the silent auction was easy to use and even those who were not online had the opportunity to submit their bids by e-mail or telephone over the entire auction period.
The collaboration was straightforward, professional, transparent and great fun. We would work with Ms. Behm again at any time.

If we see the future, the online version of the silent auction is a perfect opportunity to bring your own institution into the living room of the donors, who can do something good with joy and a little thrill. Perfect!”

Nicole Friederichsen

PR/Fundraising, Hospiz Luise Hannover

“Our festive opera gala for the German AIDS Foundation at the “Deutsche Oper am Rhein” took place in 2017 for the eighth time. At first, we were rather sceptical about the extent to which the silent auction could support us at our charity dinner. On the one hand, we have been organizing this Charity Dinner for many years and our guests are used to a certain procedure. On the other hand, the dinner takes place relatively late, and we didn’t want to overwhelm the guests by “confronting” them with the silent auction. It was also important to us not to take any financial risks by contracting an agency. Nevertheless, we wanted to offer our VIP guests something new for our Charity Dinner. Ms. Behm’s very extensive advice and many years of expertise convinced us to give the silent auction a chance this year.

It was absolutely the right decision: many guests were curious and interested and took part in the silent auction. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the silent auction was received in the short time of the dinner. We were not only able to generate substantial additional funds, but also build a bridge to new major donors and it was not to be overlooked that the silent auction met with a great response from our guests. There was also no financial risk for the foundation at any time, as the concept of the agency is designed in such a way that only added value can arise for the organisation. The very good result supports us very much in being able to intensify our help for HIV-positive people in need. Our big thanks go to Sabrina Behm and her very committed team, who entertained our guests very well for the good cause.

After this successful first cooperation, we look forward to working with Ms. Behm and her team again next year.”

Dr. Ulrich Heide

CEO, Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung

„As part of our help and hope charity dinner, we held a silent auction for the first time. At first we were a bit sceptical, as our event took place with a small group of guests only. However, the great results that we were able to achieve through the silent auction were all the more gratifying. It was exciting to see how much our guests had “lost” themselves in the lovingly and detailed brochure and how much fun they had with the auction throughout the evening.

This was mainly due to the discreet and uncomplicated implementation. Big compliments to Sabrina Behm and her team. You have done a great professional job and gave the evening a unique setting.“

Sandra Heller

CEO help and hope foundation

„At our annual Laughing Hearts Charity Gala, we always want to offer our guests something new. For this reason we have decided in favor of the silent auction over the past two years.
Many of our guests appreciate the anonymity of the auction and feel that they are in very good hands with the competent advice from Sabrina Behm’s team.

With the multitude of donation opportunities at our gala, the silent auction is a pleasant change and a great opportunity to purchase extraordinary auction items.“

Daniel Kloss

CEO Laughing Hearts e.V.

„With great charm and professionalism, Sabrina Behm and her team have greatly contributed to our event on Sylt, “Hearts for Berlin”. The silent auction with very high-quality items, the presentation and the charming implementation were one of the highlights of the evening, which was moderated by Ulla Kock am Brink. Our sincere thanks go to Ms. Behm and we look forward to running more events with her.“

Prof. Dr. Peter Fissenewert

President of the "Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Herzzentrums"

“Our 10-year anniversary gala from Lebensherbst e.V. found professional support by Ms. Behm and her team, and their silent auction also enabled them to generate significant additional proceeds for “our” senior citizens. Many thanks and appreciation for that!”

Mariella Ahrens und Wilfried Stechow

Board of "Lebensherbst e.V."

“I recently moderated an event in the Hamburg Town Hall and this was the first time I came into contact with the so-called silent auction. I found that very impressive, entertaining and quite fascinating.”

Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt

TV-Producer and MC

„We were very enthusiastic about the high quality and professionalism of the silent auction by Ms. Behm! In particular, the elaborate presentation, the exciting selection items and the anonymity of the auction were well received by our guests and thus contributed to a successful charity event. Sabrina Behm’s commitment is really noteworthy. In addition to the silent auction, she also supported our foundation with many tips and ideas from her many years of experience.”

Tanja Stern

NCL-Stiftung, Event- und Projectmanagement

“We took advice from Ms. Behm for our 2014 event and, as she suggested, built in completely new fundraising elements. Sabrina Behm made it possible not only to inspire our guests with the silent auction and an extraordinary raffle, but also to generate a considerable extra amount of proceeds for Made auf Veddel. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration in 2015.”

Sibilla Pavenstedt

Made auf Veddel, assistant CEO

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