Silent Auction for In-Person Events

Excitement for your Supporters

Our Silent Auction is a special event module for charity galas and fundraising dinners.

It is used for a more sustainable support of your charitable causes and helps you to

Our Silent Auction method raises more funds as your guests enjoy digging deeper into their pockets for your worthy causes.

How does it work?

We will take care of all aspects of running the Silent Auction.

Your guests can choose from a wide range of exclusive items and place their bids in a brochure that we can create. Our fundraising team explains how the Silent Auctions works, presents all items in an elegant and unobtrusive manner and is there to answer any questions.

Items can be provided by us but we advise you to also bring in your own in order to raise more funds. By the end of the evening, we will take payments and, should they not be the highest bidder, can also invite your guests to make a donation.

Use as single fundraising element

You can use our Silent Auction method as a single fundraising element for your event that your guests will be curious and excited about. Fashion-shows, musical acts and other major entertainment are not a mandatory must have in order to run a successful fundraising event.

Your guests can take part in the Silent Auction without feeling overstrained or taken by surprise. The items will encourage ‘table talk’ and by the end of the night, your guests will take home more than just a good feeling.

Moreover, the Silent Auction helps you to create a long-term relationship with your guests that touches them long after the event has ended and creates a bridge for you to develop meaningful relationships.


As part of other entertainment modules

Many events feature a wide range of different entertainment modules that ideally complement each other.

Our Silent Auction runs parallel to your event without interfering. It creates a pleasant arc of suspense from reception till dessert and does not take away too much attention.

On a side note. Sometimes it can be wise to question whether one or the other entertainment really is a productive feature and does help to create a positive mood to “donate and support” amongst your guests.


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